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Summer Exhibit at the Downtown Public Library goes up June 10th, and will be there until end of August!


Agents of Change: A Santa Cruz Poet Laureate Art & Poetry Project

Art Due, Jan 1, 2022 Poetry Due, March 1, 2022

Initiated by Santa Cruz Poet Laureate David Allen Sullivan and a gaggle of friends. We’re looking for the most inclusive, multi-generational, diverse, wide-ranging collection of local poetry based on local art that we can muster.

Join us, help out in the project, and spread the word!

Teaching resources and sample poems, for multiple grades:


Art of Change: Send up to 2 pieces of Art, Write up to 2 Poems by May 15th!

Shmuel Thaler, BLM

Stream from concrete bridge at Henry Cowell Park, Ann Wycoff

Jory Post, Spa Window

Janet Fine, Home

What We Need

Local poets can choose to write up to 2 poems about your work.

Send us up to 2 images that relate to the idea of change, and we’ll post these

Change can be anything: climate change, personal change, linguistic change, change of minds, political change, spiritual change, change in the weather, spare change, menopause, the Yi Jing, etc.

Send us a high resolution images we will publish it so our local poets can collaborate!

Send submissions to:

Deadline for art is Jan 1st, 2022.

Call for Poets

Feeling inspired by these images of change? Send us up to 2 poems that you’ve written for these images for the chance for it to be displayed and published in a book.

Deadline for poetry is May 15th, 2022.

We need change! Let’s make it happen.

Steering Committee Members

David Allen Sullivan

clem petersen

Ken Weisner

Adela Najarro

Jennifer Ruby

Andrew Fague


SPA WINDOW, Dan Phillips, based on Jory Post’s photograph

                     In memoriam, The Capitol, Jan. 6, 2021

Early morning,
lost in a forest of

clanking machines

deafening music,

threatening TV images,
I pedal a stationary bike,

eyes shut to block hordes

of deranged people

breaking in.

I open my eyes
to see tree branches

waving welcome
from the natural world,

showing me a way out.

For more poems: